Event Recap: Nice Ride + Keen: By Nicole

Wednesday night, an intriguing message was posted from Nice Ride MN:

“Come down for Recess on Thursday 8/25 at Peavy Plaza on Nicollet Mall. Show your Nice Ride key fob and get FREE KEEN SHOES! Show up right on time (11am), the offer is only valid for the first 50 Nice Ride 1-Year Subscribers who show their key fob.”

FREE SHOES? I had to check this out.

Thursday morning I woke up and headed downtown, anticipating a long line for a freebie item. Arriving only a scant 15 minutes early, I was surprised to find myself the 6th person in line. After posing for a photo, I received a stamp and received my coupon for shoes. For non-Nice Ride subscribers, there were still plenty of free items, including socks, frisbees and keychains. Additionally, there were a few games set up for having a bit of fun during your lunch break.

I asked a few Nice Ride reps there about the event but they did not have much information to share. The Keen representatives did tell me that this was an inaugural event for Keen and they were headed around the country for this promotion. They decided to partner with Nice Ride MN because both shared like-minded values.

I am impressed that our bike share system has caught the eye of a non-local retailer and glad to see it get a bit more publicity.

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