Tour de Fat This Saturday

This Saturday New Belgium brewing is going to be bringing all-sorts of bicycle related tom-foolery to the Twin Cities with the return of the Tour de Fat.

For those who have not attended the Tour de Fat, it is hard to describe, one part costume, two parts, circus and all bike is the best description that we can come up with.  It all goes down starting at 9:00 am from Loring Park in Minneapolis.  You can register and be part of the parade, but you had better come dressed for the occasion.

Here is the info from the New Belgium website:

“For those who haven’t experienced Tour de Fat, it is a thrilling rite of passage that includes an unparalleled costumed bicycle parade, New Belgium beer, eccentric entertainment, local food, unusual bike contests and much more.

The free event, which raises money for local nonprofits through beer and merchandise purchases, just exceeded the $2 million mark for total funds raised since its inception 13 years ago. Last year’s Minneapolis Tour de Fat stop raised more than $16,000 and had about 2,000 attendees.”

9:00 AM – Parade Registration
10:00 AM – Parade Begins
11:00 AM – Main Stage
12:00 PM – Side Show
1:30 PM – Slow Ride
2:30 PM – Bike Trade
3:30 PM – De Finale!

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One Response to Tour de Fat This Saturday

  1. Opus the Poet says:

    It has been nine days since the last post, has something happened to the blogger?

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