Cycle Twin Cities is a blog dedicated to the events, people and places that make up the Minneapolis and St. Paul cycling community.


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  1. Paul Smith says:

    Hi guys,
    I love submitting photos to you to share but I would love to hand my subjects a card saying who I am and where they might see their photo. Any chance I can put my name on your business cards as a staff photographers? I’d love to be able to spread the word about Cycle Twin Cities when I am taking photos. It would also allow me to take some more photos that I wouldn’t ordinarily be able to take (like close-ups of legs with lace stockings, “No, I’m not a perv, I’m working for CTC”). I would be willing to pay to print the business cards at my expense if you would allow me to do this. Any thoughts?

    By the way, today’s photo of the day is my all time favorite. The dad and his son were too cute! I couldn’t let them go by our house without taking their picture. Thanks for sharing my photos with your readers.

    Paul Smith, Minneapolis

  2. lovethybike says:

    I have enjoyed the photos! Taking photos on a bike ride is one of my favourite things to do – I have been busy photographing many of my cycle rides in my blog.

  3. Janae Adams says:

    Love what u do!!

  4. The greenway is sweet. Minneapolis is a great place for bicycle riders and lovers to live!

  5. saldb says:

    Cycling adds greatly to your health!

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