Trail Closures Everywhere


Summertime is construction time here in the great state of Minnesota, and while this impacts drivers more than cyclists, we aren’t immune from ongoing work.  Right now in the City of Minneapolis there are several projects going on that you should know about:

– Midtown Greenway Hiawatha Spur
Includes short at-grade connection just east of Hiawatha Ave S.
Effective: Tentatively July 25-26, 2012

– Riverside Avenue South Closure
From: Cedar Avenue South to 22nd Avenue South
Effective: May 2012
Duration: Through August 2012 (tentative). Additional closures to continue through 2012.

– Plymouth Ave Bridge Closure

From: West River Rd N to Sibley St NE

Effective: July 16, 2012 through October 2012
– Sections of Cedar Lake Trail will be temporarily closed July 24–31 while City of Minneapolis crews perform joint sealing and sand sealing work.

The work will extend from Royalston Ave. N to Highway 100 and occur in four separate stages, each lasting 1-2 days. Three detours will be marked to facilitate the four closures. Click here to view a map of the trail closures.

Stage 1 – July 24–25
Royalston Ave. N to Luce Line Trail – Follow marked detour via Glenwood Ave. N, Cedar Lake Rd. N and Luce Line Trail/Bryn Mawr Meadows.

Stage 2 – July 26
Luce Line Trail to Kenilworth Trail – Follow marked detour via Luce Line Trail/Bryn Mawr Meadows, Cedar Lake Rd. N/S, S Wayzata Blvd., Cedar Lake Rd. S and Cedar Lake Pkwy.

Stage 3 – July 30
Kenilworth Trail to Cedar Lake Pkwy. – Follow same detour as Stage 2.

Stage 4 – July 31
Cedar Lake Pkwy. to Hwy 100 – Follow marked detour via Ewing Ave. S, France Ave. S, Forest Rd., Parklands Rd., Cedarwood Rd., Parkwoods Rd. and W 23rd St.

For a map of major closures and detours that may affect Minneapolis bicyclists and pedestrians, visit the City of Minneapolis Bicycling Detour page.

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One Response to Trail Closures Everywhere

  1. Bike to Work says:

    Valuable info – thanks! Also look out for road construction on Portland, where the bike lane is closed between 28th and 29th, along with one lane of traffic. At this point all the pea gravel in South Minneapolis on 35th street, spilling out onto cross streets including Portland and Park, makes cyclocross tires on my vintage steel frame (while a bit ridiculous) look like a good idea.

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