Metropolitan Council Needs Your Help

The Metropolitan Council is trying to use your bike travel habits to help to improve the area’s bike routes.  To accomplish this, the Met Council needs you help.  While most of us shy away from allowing others to view our every move, the Met Council wants you to voluntarily give it up.

How? Well, it is actually pretty easy.  They are using a smartphone application called CycleTracks.  You can download it here for both Android and iPhone.

The app sends details of the routes to a centralized database. The Met Council can then use the information on your routes to improve regional transportation planning by giving transportation planners a better understanding of the routes cyclists take.

Here are some “quick facts” from the Met Council:

• The San Francisco County Transportation Authority (SFCTA) developed the application. The Met Council has been given permission from SFCTA to

• Cyclists opt-in and volunteer their bike information and each of their rides.

• The app requests general information (age, gender,email address), but no personal information needs to be divulged to use the application.

• A cyclist must log in and out to record a trip.

• The application gives cyclists an opportunity to see maps and get statistics for their rides.

• The Metropolitan Council can use the cycling data for future transportation planning.

Are you planning to download and use it?

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3 Responses to Metropolitan Council Needs Your Help

  1. Rob R. says:

    I read the comments about this app in the android app store. The comments didn’t sell me on this app. I’m already using a competitor and have no reason to replace it with an untested app.

  2. George J says:

    The app drains your battery like nobody’s business and it doesn’t operate in the background (on iPhones). It was a good app 3 years ago… Nice idea, but it needs some improvement.

  3. Lowrah says:

    Android: You need to turn your screen lock off.
    Keep in mind this application is not for tracking your trips like Map My Ride, but this is specifically for collecting data for city planners. I wish that MetCouncil would team up with Map My Ride or My Tracks…

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