Is Minneapolis Done Messing with the Sabo Bridge Barriers?

Original West-side Planter Position

The Sabo Bike and Pedestrian bridge has been re-open for about a month now, and while it has been smooth sailing above traffic, the City of Minneapolis has had an on-again, off-again, on-again affair going on with barriers.

What are they for you might ask?  Supposedly to keep anything bigger than a pedestrian or bike off of the bridge.  From the initial reporting the bridge was constructed to be able to handle emergency vehicles on the bridge, just in case.  Then after the cables snapped, some reports surfaced of a fire truck on the bridge the day before the cables failed.  While we have since learned that the snapping was due to “wind” keeping higher weight off of the bridge until it is back to full strength probably isn’t a bad idea.

Bye Bye Barriers – Sweet Freedom

It is with all that in mind that the City of Minneapolis installed three planters on either entrance to the bridge that effectively blocked the way for any type of vehicle to get onto the bridge, makes sense right?  Then suddenly, they were gone, pushed to the side, and bridge patrons were free to ride in any place they wanted.  Unfortunately this didn’t last long, within 24 hours     not only were the barriers back, but they were placed much closer to the curve of the bridge, making it harder to adjust for when entering or exiting the bridge.  This move left us scratching our heads so we reached out to Shaun Murphy from the City of Minneapolis and received this response;

“We had a safety concern about planters being placed in the middle of the bike lanes on the bridge, so the planters are being moved to sit closer to the lane lines and we´ll be adding signs and temporary striping to lead bikers around the obstructions.”

True to his word, within the next day the planters were striped and now we think we have a settled barrier configuration.  Hopefully this is an end to the game of musical planters.

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4 Responses to Is Minneapolis Done Messing with the Sabo Bridge Barriers?

  1. jeffrey swainhart says:

    Someone is going to get hurt on those barriers. Are they REALLY necessary?

  2. Robyn says:

    I agree those barriers are a hazard, especially for bikes pulling trailers. Isn’t there a better way to mark the bridge as off-limits to motor vehicles?

  3. Tim Salo says:

    Why can’t the City find a solution that is less deadly than placing massive chunks of concrete in the middle of a very heavily used bike route?

  4. Nancy Hanauer says:

    I agree with all the commenters. Get rid of the concrete barriers. The are dangerous and will eventually cause the need for an emergency vehicle to be called in. If the bridge can’t handle an emergency vehicle, rebuild it so it can. Enough already.

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