More Info on “Free Air” from the Bike Friendly State

Photo Via Tumblr User Flyovercountry

Last week we displayed this picture  in conjunction with a post about Pedal Minnesota.  At the time we really didn’t know anything about it, beyond the fact that it was an advertisement for PedalMN, but it turns out this is also thanks to another Twin Cities company.

Last summer we told you about Bike Fixtation shortly after their initial launch and move into the Uptown Transit station.  Turns out they are behind this one as well.  Here is what we learned from Chad DeBaker of Bike Fixtation;

“I thought I could provide a little more information for you because we were part of the project.  There are 2 shelters and they are at the intersections of Lagoon/Knox in uptown and Washington/Hennepin in downtown.  We designed and built the electric pumps for the installation which operate off of batteries that are recharged at night when the street lights come on.  It’s a very unusual installation from that perspective but they turned out great.  Also, we installed a repair stand with tools at both of these locations that are free to use.  I’ve attached a couple photos of the installations.

We’ve also installed a second kiosk with a vending machine, repair stand, and pump in Minneapolis.”

Have you had a chance to use one of these stations yet?

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