Event Recap: Powderhorn 24

The second running of the Powderhorn 24 is in the books and wow… that was a lot of miles covered by the participants.

The winning men’s team (Team Spoke-Girl) managed to finish 88 laps which was over 400 miles! The winning solo man (Midway Wife) finished 67 laps by himself (over 300 miles).

The top women’s teams (Hubstamatic & The Clammy Chamois) and Menstural Cycles both completed 70 laps.  The top solo woman (Jessica Bessica) finished 54 laps. Top mixed gender team (Crash Bandicoots) finished 83 laps.  Really an amazing effort by all those involved.

The Powderhorn 24 is the Twin Cities bike culture on display at it’s finest.  No big cash prizes, no huge national sponsors, just local riders, hitting the streets as hard as they can for the pure joy of riding their bikes.

Riders started promptly at 7:00 pm on Friday night and worked their collective way through South Minneapolis hitting four stops (approximately five miles) before starting out again on the loop.  Riders were started by their number and for the most part all 100+ riders were orderly and peaceful leaving the Greenway;

Due to our close proximity to one of the stops, we managed to get out often to see the sights of the PH24.  The energy level of the riders at all points during the day and night was nothing short of amazing, although admittedly there was a little bit less oomph at base camp on Saturday around noon.  One pretty great sight was to ride along the course with participants and see the number of people in the neighborhood sitting on their laws watching and cheering the cyclists on.

Here are some panoramas from the start, middle and end of the race, be sure to click on the pictures to see the large version.

Pre-start Base Camp

Mid-Day chill.

Ending Frenzy.

By the time the last riders of the evening were completing their final laps (only those finishing before 7:00 pm had their lap counted) the crowd of spectators and participants were both exhausted and excited about the event.  Talking with folks that we know left us with many amazing stories; close calls during the night, the fun of bonus stops, the attempted bike thief who was caught, escaped, and carried back to await the police custody.  The discussions also left us knowing that everyone involved had a great time.  Hats off to the organizers, volunteers and racers!

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6 Responses to Event Recap: Powderhorn 24

  1. Jenni says:

    No mention of the women’s results? That’s disappointing.

  2. Lowrah says:

    I think I waved at you in my sleep-deprieved stupor! Thanks for coming out and for the great photos and coverage. Hollah! (Kat, Ainsley, Cayla and I were an all women’s team and we had an amazing race!)

  3. crossn81 says:

    This was a very fun event!! Glad I was able to do it and I’d highly recommend it.

  4. Lowrah says:

    I wrote my own recap, and linked to your wonderful post and photos. I can’t wait until next year!

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