Pedal Minnesota

Photo Via Tumblr User Flyovercountry

If you’ve been around Minneapolis lately you may have seen this free air and the surrounding sign.  Likewise you might have seen some catch bike-related slogans on the side of a bus or on a billboard.  If you have, and are looking closely you may have managed to make your way over to the new website Pedal Minnesota.

This is a website dedicated to cycling and cycling events in the state of Minnesota as a whole and we are excited to have another cycling blog joining the blogosphere.  The site has articles, maps, weather, news, and a robust state-wide events schedule.

It has some money behind it based on the design and is sponsored by pretty much a who’s-who of state agencies and players in the Minnesota Biking community: Health Partners, Minnesota DOT, Explore Minnesota, Minnesota DNR, Bike MN, Minnesota Department of Health, Parks and Trail Council and the National Park Service.

We we dedicate our site to cycling in the Twin Cities, this really is an amazing state to be a cyclist in and Pedal MN will help you get out and about.  After all, we aren’t ranked #2 nationally all thanks to the Twin Cities.

For those of you who haven’t visited the site, do your self a favor, head on over there.

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