Twin Cities Cycling News From Around the Web

Hey, its Wednesday, which means it’s time for us to catch up on all of the week’s cycling news that you haven’t been reading about on Cycle Twin Cities.

This is new, or maybe we should say old.  The dual entrances to the Sabo Bridge are back to their old non-barrier selves as of yesterday (Tuesday).  We have been tracking on several complaints about the barrier set up from the time that they were put back up but figured that they were necessary for bridge safety and what-not.  Guess not.

The place, 1st. Ave downtown.  The problem, bike lanes.  As a reminder for those who don’t make it downtown all that often, the lanes are between parking spaces and the curb and often result in blocked lanes.  We have to admit it is confusing for both unfamiliar cyclists and drivers.  The solution?  Well, that might be coming soon according the Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition.  Flexible markers will soon be installed along 1st ave to delineate the end of parking and the start of the bike lane.

We assume that many of you have seen this already, but if not, you definitely need to check this out.  MinnPost created an animated map of where their bikes are headed during an average day.  This was created using data from 2011, and really is pretty amazing.

Now for the rest of the story.  The first time that we saw any of the Niceride Data or heard of the idea of an animated map was from Brendon over at Net Density this winter.  He had the original concept and mentioned that it would be neat to see it animated.  He picked up on the fact that MinnPost had done just that and on the same day that the story was posted, tipped his cap to MinnPost (although in their original post they didn’t mention NetDensity or Brendon.  But it didn’t take long for MinnPost to mention Brendon.  The very next day in fact they posted a little how-to of their animation and mentioned Brendon (although mis-spelled his name).  It is good to see appropriate attribution on the internet… pretty rare.

Speaking of attribution… Cycle Twin Cities video from the Brompton race a few weekends back managed to make it into a post on Urban Velo.  This is one of our favorite online cycling resources and really has been doing the bike-blog as long as anyone that we know of, so… yeah us.  Oh yeah, there is a write-up of the Brompton race as well if you found our recap insufficient.

The Minneapolis Midtown Greenway has had a busy couple of weekends and we have to imagine that this is exactly what designers were envisioning when it was built.  The folks at the Midtown Freewheel Bike have had a front seat view for all of the action and have done a little write-up on all the activity.  Our favorite part?  “…you can’t appreciate from that photo the number of riders that were out there, but trying to cross the Greenway on foot was like a real-life Frogger experience.”

The Chicago Tribune has posted a pretty flattering article about the Minneapolis Bike scene, and why you should grab your bike and come on up.  We couldn’t agree more.

As always we wrap it up with a video.  One more video from the 2012 Nature Valley Grand Prix.  This time, the Uptown Crit… man those folks move fast, what’s the speed limit in Uptown anyway?


Have a link that you think should be included in next weeks news?  Sent us an email and let us know!

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One Response to Twin Cities Cycling News From Around the Web

  1. Barton says:

    Barriers – aka empty planters – were back this morning on the Sabo Bridge. Granted, placed better than before (at the start of the actual bridge structure on both sides, not really blocking lanes) but still empty…

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