Weekend Cycling Events: 6.15.12

Weekend Cycling Events

This is a race-y kind of weekend with both professionals and amateurs hitting the streets.


Nature Valley Grand Prix – Uptown Criterium: Last night’s road race was rained out, so hopefully all of the riders are fully rested and ready to make this an awesome event.  Last year the roadsides were packed, so show up early for good seats.  The expo kicks off at 4:30, Women’s race starts at 6:15, Men’s race 7:45.


The Westside Dirty Benjamin 100:  The next installment of gravel racing makes a stop close to the Twin Cities bright and early Saturday morning.  We will be there suffering through (and hopefully finishing this time).  The event has been booked up since March, so unless you plan on poaching the course this isn’t something that you can drop in on, although if you do, we will see you out there!

Menomonie Gran Fondo:  Want to ride the road like the pros?  This is your chance, register here, and this is the info: Both rides will include a Sports Beans King/Queen of the Hill Time Trial, with chip timing to identify the fastest climber up our showcase summit – Star Hill. 87 Mile Gran Fondo – Follows the same route the professional men will conquer later in the day. This difficult route includes over 5000’ of climbing. 67 Mile Gran Fondo – Follows the same route the professional women race through later in the day. This route shares the opening 50 miles of the 87 mile route, then takes a “short-cut”, before returning to Menomonie.

Menomonie Road Race: Yeah, yeah, we know Menomonie is in Wisconsin, but the Nature Valley Grand Prix calls the Twin Cities home, so we are going to post it anyway.   A rolling ride through the Wisconsin countryside will give you the opportunity to watch a real road race (instead of crit).  The pro men leave at noon and should be back into town for the finishing laps around 3:00 in the afternoon.

Rapha Ride and Films: The Angry Catfish in South Minneapolis is going to be hosting a Rapha kinda day at the shop in celebration of the Nature Valley Grand Prix Week.  On Saturday morning at 9:00 am they are leaving for a Rapha Ride.  Starting at 8:00 that night they will be showing Rapha Films on the big screen and hosting a little party.  Enjoy yourselves.   


Rapha Ride: The Angry Catfish is hosting the last Rapha ride to celebrate the Nature Valley Grand Prix.  The ride leaves from the A.C. at 9:00 in the morning.

Nature Valley Grand Prix – Stillwater Criterium: This is it, your last chance to see professional riders in the Twin Cities area.  This stage involves a gigantic hill, so if you want to see people suffer, this is the place for you.  11:45 for the women, 1:30 for the men.


If you are headed to any of these events and want to give CTC a re-cap, that would be great, just contact us.

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