Event Recap: 2012 Brompton US Championship

How did you start off the 2012 Open Streets?  At the moment the clock struck 10:00, barriers were put up and approximately 30 men and women neatly folded their bicycles and waited patiently for a bell to ring.  At the moment the bell rung, the racers started-off sprinting towards their neatly folded bicycles suit coats and ties flapping in the strong head wind.  It only took seconds for the fastest Brompton un-folder to get his bike open, locked and ready to go.  This was the start of the 2012 Brompton US Championship;

For six loops of the one-mile course, the racers held the attention of the large crowd who gathered to watch them compete.  In the end, the men’s race came down to a tight race between three strong riders, and the women’s race came down to one strong rider, blowing away the rest of the field.  The champion in each category won themselves a trip to England to the Brompton World Championship, which we can’t imagine seeing in person.  In all the event lasted an hour with a folding competition to cap off the festivities.  Look at how fast the final round went;

Thanks to Luke and everyone at Calhoun Cycle for kicking off Open Streets 2012 with a bagpiping good time!

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2 Responses to Event Recap: 2012 Brompton US Championship

  1. Heidi Breen says:

    What a great event! Thank you!

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