Twin Cities Cycling News From Around the Web

Hey, its Wednesday, which means it’s time for us to catch up on all of the week’s cycling news that you haven’t been reading about on Cycle Twin Cities.

Enjoy yourself at last weekend’s Northeast ride?  Check out the really awesome map of the ride created by Big Time Attic’s Kevin Cannon.  It is slightly reminiscent of a pirate treasure map, except the treasure is cycling. Hurray!

Tomorrow is Bike/Walk to work day here in the Twin Cities and to celebrate there are events planned all over the city.  Here is a listing:

  • Bike Walk to Work Day – Anoka CelebrationAnoka County Government Center, Anoka
  • Bike Walk to Work Day – Minneapolis Celebration, Nicollet Mall outside Hennepin County Central Library, downtown Minneapolis

Did you know that in Pine Island, MN they have a Borrow-a-Bike program for folks looking to ride the 12.7 miles of the Douglas State Trail.  Growley took a trip down south  (near Rochester) to check out what they had to offer. 

So remember a couple of weeks ago when there was a big to-do about the future development around the Cedar Lake Trail in Downton Minneapolis?  Adam from the MBC says that upon further inspection, there really isn’t anything to worry about.  

This is certainly unexpected.  Last week the Minneapolis Star Tribune posted an article (well editorial really) that talked about all of the positives of cycling.  But… not only did it talk about what is good for cyclists it also talked about the benefits for non-cyclists. If you are going to head on over to read the article, please remember to hold your nose as you wade into the comments… seriously what’s wrong with people?

Obviously the big news of last week was the re-opening of the Sabo Bridge over Hiawatha.  Everyone was paying attention to that one. If you are interested in reading a few stories you can do that, here, here, here and here.

As always we wrap it up with a video.  Open Streets 2012 is coming up this Sunday.  Just in case you need a little reminder of what this is all about, here you go.


Have a link that you think should be included in next weeks news?  Sent us an email and let us know!

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