Minneapolis Bicycling Counts Art Installations

As a part of Bike/Walk Week here in the Twin Cities, The Minnesota Center for Energy and Environment, are running a pretty cool little program to help to provide some visualization to the number of cyclists in Minneapolis.

How does it work?  Each day the MNCEE will set up the automated bicycle counter at a different spot in Minneapolis along a popular commuting route.  Based on the number of cyclists who happen to pass by, the associated graphic will be generated, providing us will all sorts of useful information:

In addition, this very cool thing will happen:

“Then each evening from 9-10pm, CEE will set up a public art project on-site and as cyclists pass, a real-time count will be projected on the side of various buildings and landmarks across Minneapolis.  The projection translates the cumulative impact in terms of individual financial savings, gasoline saved, and environmental benefits to society through improved air quality and reduced healthcare dollars.”

So, are you wondering just how in the heck you can happen to ride by and see this on a nightly basis?  Well: “To find the counter and track the results, clues will be posted on Twitter at @mncee_myhome using the #bicyclingcountshashtag, as well as the Minnesota Energy Challenge Facebook page.”

Happy hunting.

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