Brompton US Championship This Sunday at Calhoun Cycle

This Sunday marks the second annual Open Streets event in Minneapolis and if you are looking for a pretty kick-ass way to get your Sunday morning started, look no further.

Calhoun Cycle is hosting the 2012 Brompton US Championship starting at 10am.

What is this all about you ask?

Brompton bicycles are the name in folding bikes and because they come from the UK they have a certain panache that go along with them.  The requirements for this 6-mile race?

A strict dress-code will be enforced for the race: helmets, button-up shirts, ties, and blazers are required. No sponsor logos or visible lycra or spandex allowed! Top hats, of course, are optional. Naturally, all racers must be riding a Brompton bicycle.

What: Brompton US Championship

Where: Race stages at 34th and Lyndale in SW Minneapolis

When: June 10th, 2012

Cost: $32

Party!: Saturday night we’ll start with a food truck and Brompton folding challenges at Calhoun Cycle (3342 Hennepin Ave S), followed by a pub ride to Merlin’s Rest

Will there be opportunities to hear bagpipes?: We’re hoping so!

Here is the rest of the info:

Event Details: Shopcast

Registration: Online Form

We hope to see you there!

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