What’s in a ranking? Minneapolis slips and climbs

It was just last week that we warned that we shouldn’t be resting on our laurels with our piles on number 1 rankings, and just like that one slips through our tightly grasped fingers. 

The latest Bicycling.com rankings are out and Minneapolis has slipped from #1 to #2 with the Lex Luthor of citys (Portland) regaining the top spot.  So just like that our reign is over. 

At least Bicycling.com has a very scientific and clearly explained method for how they arrive at these rankings: “To determine our top 50 bike-friendly cities for 2012, we evaluated cities with populations of 95,000 or more, using data provided by the Alliance for Biking and Walking and the League of American Bicyclists, as well as input from local advocates and bike-ped coordinators. To make the list, a city must possess both a robust cycling infrastructure and a vibrant bike culture.”  Ok maybe not. 

We know that this will come off sounding like a jaded ex-lover but honestly we aren’t going to go all Portland (circa 2011) and cry into our mug of micro-brew over the loss of the top spot.  Instead let’s look at it this way;  Yes, gaining the top spot in this ranking was a huge pick-up for the city of Minneapolis and made people around the country take notice of what we are doing for cyclists, but does riding around today any less satisfying than it was last week?  No.  Also this gives us something to work towards in future years. 

Besides, in other rankings we are way up there, Bikeability index – #1  Bicycle friendly state: #2 (Oregon is 5th).

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2 Responses to What’s in a ranking? Minneapolis slips and climbs

  1. richfieldkid1 says:

    Perhaps Bicycling Magazine is just manipulating the rivalry for commercial profits.

  2. Justin says:

    Yeah, I put little stock in any Rodale publication. Every month half of their publications have a new headline article like, “The best diet plan ever! No really! This time we mean it!” Portland may very well deserve the title, but I’m not going to trust Rodale to tell me so.

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