Twin Cities Cycling News From Around the Web

Hey, its Wednesday, which means it’s time for us to catch up on all of the week’s cycling news that you haven’t been reading about on Cycle Twin Cities.

The closer that we get to June the more you are going to start seeing about Open Streets Minneapolis 2012.  The first of many postings was the release of the official poster for this year’s event.  Doesn’t it just make you smile?


Didn’t get enough Almanzo coverage from us?  Here are a couple of things to check out.   First; amazing photos from Craig Lindner on Flickr.  These stunning photographs do a great job of providing a visual of what the experience of Almanzo is like.  Second; while we were suffering, others were riding and having the time of their life, Marco at iBikeMPLS has a nice little review written up of his experience.  Finally, here is a list of the finishers, congratulations folks.

Believe it or not Almanzo was not the only event going on last weekend.  Jeff at Bike Jerks managed to make it down for a rainy outdoor swap meet at One on One on Sunday and snapped some pictures for everyone to check out.

Usually, the term “getting zapped” would be considered a bad thing, especially on a bike, but in this case it is an opportunity to get some pretty sweet rewards by biking to the U.  Bike Minneapolis has the full low down on the new program, what it means to you and where you can get signed up.

First Downtown, then Northeast, then St. Paul and now? Uptown.  We think Pedal Pubs are going to be here to stay.  The best part of this write-up on the new Uptown Pedal Pubs: “No cussing at passersby”.  You would think that is self-explanatory but you are technically in a bar so…..

A local nine-year-old is planning on riding 150 with his dad over three days as a fundraiser.  Besides that being a pretty big feat for a little person, you can get involved by donating.  Head to the website and why not drop off a few bucks for Isiah!

As always we wrap it up with a video.  Someone was nice enough to get the start of the 2012 Almanzo 100 on video for your viewing pleasure.v


Have a link that you think should be included in next weeks news?  Sent us an email and let us know!

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