Minneapolis Ranks #1 For Cycling…. Again.

The easiest way to lose a number one ranking is to become complacent (ahem, Portland, cough, cough), so we shouldn’t let this go to our heads.

Having said that Bike Score(TM) has become the latest scientific instrument to closely examine the issue and declare Minneapolis the number one Bikeable city in the country.  Unlike the recent Bicycling Magazine number one ranking, this one gives out numbers, so we can quantify just how much better we are.

Here are the top five:

1. Minneapolis (bike score:79)

2. Portland (bike score:70)

3. San Francisco (bike score:70)

4. Boston (bike score:68)

5. Madison (bike score:67)

Wondering how these magical numbers were reached?

“Bike Score provides a 0-100 rating of the bikeability of a location based on the availability of bike infrastructure (lanes and trails), the hilliness of the area, amenities and road connectivity, and the number of bike commuters. The Bike Score for a city is then calculated by applying the Bike Score algorithm block-by-block throughout the city and weighting the scores by population density. Cities with scores of 70 or higher are considered to be very bikeable, cities with scores between 50 and 69 are bikeable, and cities with scores below 50 are somewhat bikeable.”

Nice work!

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2 Responses to Minneapolis Ranks #1 For Cycling…. Again.

  1. Paul says:

    Just last Sunday, I was riding on Nicollet near home and I looked up to see 7 bicyclists in front of me on Nicollet (all appeared to be riding individually). Behind me were 3-4 other cyclists. Today on my way to work I saw 4 bicyclists in the first as soon as I rode out of our alley. We really are developing into a great bicycling city! Paul S.

  2. Bike to Work says:

    I am gloating and so proud to live here. Nine points! As R.T. said, “Portland is just an avenue in Minneapolis.”

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