MN High School Cycling League to Offer Free Race in June By: Libby Hurley

May 9, 2012 – Bloomington, MN – The Minnesota High School Cycling League (MN League) is offering an incentive to help get teams formed in Minnesota’s new high school mountain bike racing league that will debut this Fall.  Student athletes in 9th through 12th grades will be given the chance to “Race for Free” on June 3rd at the Bluff Riders Charge at Mt. Kato in Mankato, provided MN League Team Directors complete minimum requirements by May 31st.

“I’d like to thank the Peace Coffee Racing Team for offering to host our student athletes,” said Minnesota High School Cycling League Director Gary Sjoquist. “With teams now forming, encouraging the kids to participate in a series mountain bike race is a great opportunity for coaches, parents, and students to experience what mountain bike racing is all about. Racing for free – well, that helps too.”

The Bluff Riders Charge is the second race in the statewide Minnesota Mountain Bike Series, (MNMBS) and is actually a fundraiser for the new Minnesota High School Cycling League. The MNMBS is an 11-race statewide series that annually provides mountain bike racing for some 4,000 people ranging in age from 8 to 74-years old.

To qualify for the Race for Free event, certain minimum requirements must be met, which can be found at under the Teams tab. “Basically, we’re hoping Team Directors can get their teams and coaches registered on the MN League’s Pit Zone data base system.” said Sjoquist. “Of the student athletes on the teams, we’d like to see at least 25% be girls.”

Once these requirements have been met, MN League team members can simply arrive at the Mt. Kato event on Sunday, June 3rd and go to the Minnesota High School Cycling League tent to receive their free registration and number plate. All Race for Free students will participate in the Citizen class event starting at 9:30 am. Arrangements can be made for students who need bikes and helmets by having Team Directors contact Gary Sjoquist at

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