Minnesota Off-Road Cyclists Introduce MORC Weather Blog By: Chris Chavie

MORC has launched a great new addition to their website earlier this month which will come in very handy to cyclists, the MORC Weather Blog.   The blog is written by mountain biker, meteorologist Kristin  Clark who can be seen on WeatherNationTV , a 24/7 national weather channel based in Minneapolis which launched recently.

Kristin will keep you up to date on changing weather conditions and forecasts for you next ride in her CycleCast.  This is an essential blog for mountain bikers who rely on weather information to determine whether their next ride will be a rain out or if dryer, warmer weather is moving in to improve singletrack conditions.

This is a much welcomed addition to the abundance of mountain biking information already available on the Minnesota Off-Road Cyclists website.  The Weather Blog in conjunction with MORC’s Trail Conditions Forumprovide Minnesota mountain bikers with the up to date information they need before heading out for a day of mountain biking.

Subscribe to the MORC Weather Blog and follow all of their trail conditions updates on Twitter at @trailconditions to stay informed and avoid getting rained out or finding out the trail is closed when you get there.  You can also follow Kristin on Twitter at @KclarkWNTV.  Keep up the great work Kristin.

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One Response to Minnesota Off-Road Cyclists Introduce MORC Weather Blog By: Chris Chavie

  1. Lowrah says:

    Cool! Two of my nerdy passions, bikes and weather, come together at last.

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