What’s Happening With The Sabo Bridge?

So here we are.  Over two months since the Sabo Bridge in Minneapolis malfunctioned and was closed to the public for reinforcement and inspection and where are we.

We have hit the heavy bike travel time of the season and while the street-level crossing at Hiawatha has not produced any bike-car collisions, it does seem like an accident waiting to happen.  With these things in mind, the question again springs to mind, what’s happening with the Sabo Bridge.  Most days as we pass under the bridge it sits empty, no inspectors or construction crews, busily working to get the bridge cleared for return to service.

The other day we had a glint of hope, a story from Minnesota Public Radio said that the Sabo Bridge could re-open before all of the work is done, thanks to the reinforcing that has gone on so far.

Could it really be true? We reached out to Shaun Murphy with the City of a comment and learned the following from the Deputy Director of Public Works:

“It has been determined that to accommodate bikes on the bridge prior to making permanent repairs that we would need to make adjustments to the shoring and back cable stays.  We are now determining the costs and schedule of doing this work.  A decision has not yet been made on whether the bridge will be opened prior to permanent repairs being made.  The decision will be dependent on the cost and schedule of making the adjustments as well as the estimated timeframe for making permanent repairs.”

What do you think readers, are you missing the Sabo as much as we are?

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4 Responses to What’s Happening With The Sabo Bridge?

  1. herent says:

    If they don’t re-open it they should make the curb cut on the west side of the street wider and change the timing of the light for the walk signal from 30 seconds to more like 45 seconds or a minute. It’s nearly impossible to get everyone across that is waiting a lot of the times that I hit this intersection.

  2. Kaia Knutson says:

    I don’t find it a problem at all to cross Hiawatha a few blocks north of Sabo on the 24th Street ped. bridge.

  3. hokan says:

    Meh, I hardly ever used the bridge anyway. I don’t like climbing up it and, on average, it’s quicker to cross Hiawatha at the light.

    I’d rather the city not spend the money on a temporary fix. Just work on getting the bridge back in good repair.

  4. Barton says:

    I have witnessed/experienced at least two near accidents every week since the bridge has been down, by east-bound cars turning right to SB 55 when walkers/bikers/bladers/runners have the light. Last Friday evening, no cars were able to turn SB on 55 during the light as there were so many people trying to cross and not enough space to do so (curb cut being a major issue here): in fact, not everyone made it fully across before the light turned. I admit it, I want a temporary fix, especially if the problem is going to take all summer to truly repair.

    The more we get into the biking “season” (meaning, when casual bikers are out, when families are out), the harder it is going to be to defy the law of averages and keep it accident free.

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