Twin Cities Cycling News From Around the Web

Hey, its Wednesday, which means it’s time for us to catch up on all of the week’s cycling news that you haven’t been reading about on Cycle Twin Cities.

Photo via: Urban Velo

Urban Velo has the scoop on the latest Twin Cities collaboration, the Twin Six Banjo Brothers Commuter Backpack. Obviously, this is coming from Banjo Brothers and Twin Six, both companies that call Minneapolis home.  Looks pretty slick, and you can get your hands on it sometime next month.

Before you know it, it will be time for the Nature Valley Grand Prix to roll through the Twin Cities.  One neat part about the Grand Prix is that they select some amateurs to race shoulder to shoulder with the pros, and the first of us mere mortals have been selected.  Granted these aren’t just any Joe Schmos from the street showing up, as they are considered “elite amateurs” but it is still fun to watch them mix it up with the big boys and girls.

So the resurfacing of Park and Portland managed to grab some other people’s attention and luckily they are looking for a change just like us. Brendon at Net Density has a few really interesting ideas for the parallel streets, the most intriguing of which is this statement “We shouldn’t be planning bike facilities for 30-year-old males.  We should be planning facilities for mothers with kids in tow and retirees riding trikes at 5 miles per hour.  Any new facility should increase safety AND be a marketing tool for hesitant cyclists.  People should drive by on their car and think to themselves, ‘I’d be willing to ride on that.  And I’d be willing to bring my child along with me’.”

Photo Via: VeloTraffic

Speaking of infrastructure, Rueben takes a look at the RiverLake Greenway and the redesign of the 11th Ave diverter.  Did you know that they were re-constructed last year to decrease the size of the gap between the diverter and the curb?  Neither did we.

On Friday March 23rd of this year, three cyclists were riding down the Nicollet Mall, minding their own business, and the warm evening.  Out of the blue they were attacked by a large group of people, who knocked them off their bikes and caused some serious damage.  Mind you, this was at 7:45 pm on a Friday night.  One of the cyclists suffered a broken jaw at the hands of this group, which numbered between 15 and 20 people.  After some work, the Minneapolis police department have made some arrests and a felony charge has been leveled against two of the participants.  Marco has the full story plus police report if you care to read more.

Add this to the list of bike paths/trails in the Twin Cities that we haven’t yet been to, but are dying to go on.  River Bottoms.  Growley has the down low.

As always we wrap it up with a video.  While we usually embed the video right here, we are currently experiencing an inability to do that with this video, but wow is it a good one.  This comes from TPT and their Minnesota Original series.  It takes place in Minnesota, and is about a bike race, one on one.  It is seriously good.


Have a link that you think should be included in next weeks news?  Sent us an email and let us know!

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