Tonight: Powderhorn 24 Pre-registration Ride

Last year’s inaugural Powderhorn 24 was a smashing success, enjoyed by all who attended and observed.  In fact it was such a success, that this year, organizers are planning an even bigger event.  With registration capped at 300 (and expected to be reached), that is going to be a whole lot of riders zipping around South Minneapolis for 24 hours straight.

Tonight is going to be your first chance to become one of the lucky 300, with a pre-registration ride and social gathering.  Actual registration isn’t going to open up until the 15th of the month, so this gives you a good head start and a pretty much guaranteed spot.

Here is more information –

Meet at Midtown Freewheel in person for early registration for the 2012 Powderhorn 24. 7:45pm we head out for a couple of laps on this year’s course.

2 lucky solo riders (male and female) will win free entry.

High likelihood of tacos at the end.


With this being Easter weekend, we couldn’t find any other events happening, but if you know of one, hit us up in the comments.

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One Response to Tonight: Powderhorn 24 Pre-registration Ride

  1. Robyn says:

    Is there a map available of the 2012 course?

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