Trail and Bike Lane News

A few bits of news regarding the Twin Cities infrastructure,

– The Intercity Regional Trail is continuing to progress and is currently in the public comment period.  For those of you just hearing about this now, the Intercity Regional Trail is planning to connect the Grand Rounds with Bloomington, providing a much-needed path south to connect to Nine Mile Creek Regional Trail and River Bottoms.  If you are interested in learning more about the project, seeing some preliminary planning and of course providing feedback, check out the Three Rivers Park District page devoted to the project.  For selfish reasons we are really hoping that this goes through, as it is a stones throw from CTC headquarters.

– This summer Park and Portland Avenues in Minneapolis are going to get re-finished.  Right now each avenue has a bike lane, which due to some unfortunate experimentation are placed on the left side of the road.  We have already said our two cents on the issue, specifically, it doesn’t work, especially in the wintertime.  Luckily the City has seemingly heard the collective whining of the cycling community because as of March the Hennepin County Transit officials are recommending;

  • Park Avenue/Portland Avenue (redesign): It was recommended that the bike lanes, currently on the left side of each of these one-ways are shifted to the right side, a move supported by the BAC Engineering Subcommittee. Each lane would stretch over 3 miles, with  Park Avenue stretching from 46th Street to the I-94 Bridge and Portland extending further from 46th Street to the Washington Bridge.
  • Portland Avenue (new): A bike lane from 46th Street to Highway 62, expanding upon the redesign cited above to give an additional 2 miles of bike facilities.

Thanks to the Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition for pushing for these, as we believe that it is going to make for safer cycling in those lanes.


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4 Responses to Trail and Bike Lane News

  1. Jon DeJong says:

    Wait… does this mean the bike line currently on Park North of 94 will go away? Or will we have to switch back to the left side of the road there?

  2. richfieldkid1 says:

    The new lane on Portland Avenue sounds awesome. My folks live off Portland and 65th, and when I used to work at Cedar/the parkway I had to bike up that exact stretch of Portland almost every day. I was always conflicted about using the parking lane when it was empty. Maybe Richfield will figure out a way to extend bike lanes from where the end on 67th and Portland up to 62. Meantime, there is the beautiful paved path on the Vet’s park side.

  3. richfieldkid1 says:

    Could the Intercity trail be used to access MOA, do you think? The map doesn’t show much detail.

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