Nice Ride Now Open

UPDATE:  Nice Ride, now open and renting, Green Stations everywhere!

Woo!  Hey another sign of spring are seeing those now iconic bright green Nice Ride bikes out on the streets.  Yesterday we managed to see the deliver of a few kiosks and some bikes on the back of the truck for delivery.  According to Nice Ride’s website, they are running some test right now, and if all goes well they will be open for business by the end of this week.

Wondering what’s new this year?  Well, the expansion into St. Paul continues and they expect to have some Downton St. Paul locations open by May.  Also, all of this stuff:

You’ll notice a few changes this year:

  • We’ve switched from “plus tax” to “tax included” pricing.
  • You can now purchase up to four 24hr subscriptions with one credit card.
  • No security deposit for 24hr subscriptions.
  • We’re getting bigger!

Wondering if you local station is open?  Check out the Station map to see if it is up and running.

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2 Responses to Nice Ride Now Open

  1. Psst, follow @niceridemn on twitter. They opened for business yesterday.

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