Must Be Spring… Mainstream Media Covers Cycling

What are the sure signs of spring?

Warm weather? Sure.

People out walking the lakes? Of course.

News stories about bicycles?  It wouldn’t be spring without them.  Keeping an eye out on the local news channel’s coverage so far this year, has been pretty nice.  Instead of the dreaded stories about how dangerous cycling is, or an expose’ detailing how much money the city spends on bike lanes, we have seen at least two, where the news teams have gone out and found tried and true members of the cycling community for stories.  Here are a couple for your Monday morning:

1) Bike theft up in the city on Kare 11.  Granted, some folks have known about this for several weeks but Kare 11 decided not only to report on the increase in bike theft (“In late March of 2011, authorities in Minneapolis had just eight reports of bicycles stolen. This year, there are 56.”) but also got some tips about how to properly lock your bike up.  They went to Freewheel Bike and talk to Marcy Levine, who has been at Freewheel almost since the beginning.  Click on the picture to head to the story.

2) Fox 9 gets Groovey. Peacock Groove that is.  The Liberace of Twin Cities Bicycle builders was on Fox News talking about the Twin Cities statue in the nation wide cycling scene.  The camera loves him, doesn’t it folks?

Readers what do you think, what have you thought about the cycling coverage so far this year?

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One Response to Must Be Spring… Mainstream Media Covers Cycling

  1. mfcourteau66 says:

    I loves me some Marcy. She was the rep I referred to in “Things Fall Apart, Part I” who
    helped me figure out that my tire pump was malfunctioning and sold me a new one on the day after Christmas. She also fitted me after I bought “Jolie” and sold me a new helmet. All hail!

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