Twin Cities Cycling News From Around the Web

Hey, its Wednesday, that means it’s time for us to catch up on all of the week’s cycling news that you haven’t been reading about on Cycle Twin Cities.

Starting to get excited for Art Crank (which it just a few short weeks away)? Well then, Hiawatha Cyclery is helping to prime the pump with their 2012 poster.  Excellently done as usual by Mr. Adam Turman.  Unfortunately that is about all of the information that we have for you as of right now.  Keep up at the Hiawatha Cyclery blog for release dates and other info.

The Minneapolis Bike Coalition has put out a call for more bike parking in Minneapolis, and they are looking for a hand from you to do a little bit of sponsoring.  Seriously it is only 50 bucks and you can even help select where it goes!  Just imagine rolling up outside your favorite restaurant know that you paid for your bike parking spot.

Reuben at VeloTraffic, takes a look at the available options for Penn Ave and gives his detailed opinions and some possible alternatives.  Seriously, set some time aside and head over to learn more about the design behind some different cycling tracks.

Man, just when we think that we have the Twin Cities homegrown cycling goods cornered with interviews, Minneapolis Musette comes along and scoops us again!  That’s twice Aaron.  This time he checks out Search and State (SAS) a company located right here in the Twin Cities making high performance cycling gear.

Well, we didn’t make it to the Minnesota Bike Summit a few weeks ago, so we are always trying to keep an eye out for more information.  Julie at Ride Boldly! posted up a little recap for your reading pleasure.

Bike lanes are coming to Central Ave NE according to the Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition.  Why is this a big deal?  Believe it or not this will be the first MN/DOT road in the Twin Cities to have bike lanes and sharrows.  Anyone reading this care to explain how this is the first time that this has happened?

Matt Appleman, Minneapolis carbon composite frame builder, is continuing to garner some press from the North American Handmade Bike Show.  His work was showcased by both Cyclocross magazine and Bike Radar.  It does look pretty mesmerizing.


Cycles for Change (formerly known as the Sibley Bike Depot) just got a few major chunks of change.  $30,000 from the Central Corridor Funders Collaborative to expand their storefront along University Ave and $20,000 from the McKnight Foundation for the Community Partners Bike Library.  It’s great to see such an amazing organization getting the funding to match.

Speedhound Cycles is back with another video starring a local cycling celebrity.  Doesn’t our city look pretty click at night?


Have a link that you think should be included in next weeks news?  Sent us an email and let us know!

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