Warm Weather Brings Out Thievin’ Bike Thieves

Just in case you don’t have Bob Dylan to watch over your bike, you might want to keep an extra eye out.  With the recent break-out of warm weather, bike thieves have been busy in South Minneapolis, busy enough that the City of Minneapolis Police Department sent out a little notice to those residents in Sector 3 (South of 94 and east of 35W, including Longfellow and Nokomis) warning of the uptick in thefts.

The official number of bikes stolen is 11 but since many bike thefts don’t get reported, who knows how many have really been snatched.  Also, while this particular alert was sent out for South Minneapolis, it is pretty much applicable to all of the Twin Cities, more bikes on the streets mean more bikes getting stolen.

As semi-recent victims of bike theft, we can attest, it is a real kick in the head, and trying to get an insurance company to replace a stolen bike?  Good luck.

Think that a locked garage is enough to keep your bikes safe?  So did we.  Do yourself a favor and also lock your bike inside your garage to something solid.  Really paranoid, just bring your bike inside.  Check out the picture below of a wrecked 1×1 (posted to MPLS Bike Love).  The story behind it is that the owner had a second bike locked to this one, and the thieves decided to cut through so that they could take the outer bike.

Like we said, keep an eye on your bike!

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