Event Recap: Slick 50

Considering that it was record-breaking day for temperatures in the State of Minnesota on Saturday, it is probably safe to say that this was the warmest Slick 50 on record.  For the first time the event did not leave from Cars-R-Coffins Coffee shop, instead, the familiar back dock of One-on-One served as meeting place and launching point.

The ride started at a medium pace using mostly connected trails to get west of the city, however, the gravel started early, and was peppered through-out the ride.  About 30 miles in, a long steep climb splintered the group and an immediate turn onto loose pea-gravel separated riders even further.  As promised the no drop ride, gathered for a break and re-group after that section.  For those of us with gravel-century rides on the calendar it was a nice reminder of what riding on gravel feels like, both good and bad.

The invitation said 50 miles (plus or minus) and while last year, it was a shade under 50, this year, we would have to call it plus, plus.  Our cycling computer clocked it in at just over 62 miles round trip, including several solid gravel road sections.  Of the estimated 50-60 riders who showed up, most finished the full route, and enjoyed a great day in the sun.

Thanks to Hurl, for another great event.

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One Response to Event Recap: Slick 50

  1. apparentwind says:

    Thanks for the photos and recap!

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