Minnesotans At NAHBS 2012

The 2012 edition of the North American Handmade Bicycle Show is in the books, and looking back it was another good year for Twin Cities frame builders.  Seven different exhibitors from the Twin Cities made their way to Sacramento for the annual event.  Here is a look back at what they had to show and what people are saying about them;

Picture Credit: Bike Jerks

Appleman Bicycles brought an incredibly detailed all-carbon cyclocross bike with him to NAHBS this year.  Check out an interview that Bike Rumor did with Matt before the show.  Also Jeff at Bike Jerks managed to snap some pictures of his bike before the show.  Finally Urban Velo has a quick article about Matt from the show.



Speedhound's Entry Photo Credit: Urban Velo

Speedhound Brought several different versions of their build-up frame set that Urban Velo managed to snap some photos of.  If you want to see another one of the bikes that Chris brought check out Jeff’s pre-show look.

HED Wheels Twin Cities Wheel guru HED was on display both at a booth and on some of the show bikes this year.

Anderson Custom and Vincent Dominguez were both in attendance, but despite a massive online hunt, we have come up empty in trying to find some pictures of the bikes that they brought.

Technically, Capricorn Bicycles is not located in the Twin Cities anymore, but since he was here for over half the year last year we are going to go ahead and claim him this year.  His handy work was on display at the Sturmey Archer booth.  Brad’s attention to detail never ceases to amaze.

Photo Credit: Urban Velo

Twin Six made the trek out to Sacramento also and showed off their new foray into non-bib related pants.  These things look pretty sharp (and comfortable) assuming of course that you are into short pants.

Peacock Groove you probably heard about his Evil Dead 2 bike but he actually brought some other really nice stuff to the show.  Of course, the bloody bike was certainly the eye-catcher for several bloggers in attendance.  Also, someone managed to capture a shaky video detailing all of the little bits.

With the number of Twin Cities’ exhibitors at this year’s show, and the numerous others, who didn’t attend, the Twin Cities is cementing itself as a major hub for frame builders. The only question that remains is when will NAHBS make its way to the Twin Cities for a show?  NAHBS 2013 will be hosted in Denver, CO, here’s hoping for 2014.

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