Event Recap: Tiny Bike Shop Concert

On Thursday night, Banjo Brothers (and friends) brought the Tiny Bike Shop Concert Series back to the place where it all started, Calhoun Cycle.

Free music and free food are an awesome combination for packing the house, and Calhoun Cycle was just the place to host this cozy, standing room only concert.

With meat on the grill out back, Girl Scout cookies for sale and snacks of all sorts, this felt as much like spring as March 1st can, until we cycled home through the falling snow.  The performers were just right for a very family friendly event, the right mix of sing-a-long and story-telling all with a cycling slant.

We love the fact that we are in a city where events like this happen, and are already looking forward to the next Tiny Bike Shop Concert.

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3 Responses to Event Recap: Tiny Bike Shop Concert

  1. Luke says:

    Thanks for coming to the event Jeremiah.
    Having you putting the event info together for people to check out really helps make events like this work.
    The pictures are fun!
    Luke @ Calhoun

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  3. Ann Reed says:

    When do we get to do this again?

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