Sabo Bridge

We received this information this morning, just in case you haven’t seen it

We also have some pictures from Joe Reinemann.

From: Kennedy, Mike D.
Sent: Mon 2/20/2012 5:10 AM
Subject: Martin Sabo Bridge shutdown

Mayor and Councilmembers. This is to give you a very brief description of a situation that will significantly affect MPLS residents and commuters Monday morning. Sunday night at approximately 10:20, the City was made aware that the eastern-most set of suspension cables supporting the Martin Sabo Bridge across Hiawatha Avenue had failed and fallen. A subsequent inspection of the cable structures discovered that a second set of cables is highly compromised.

Crews immediately closed the bridge to pedestrian and bike traffic. Because the bridge spans Hiawatha, Mn/DOT has made the decision to close Hiawatha in the vicinity and is working through detour details as I write this. LRT operational staff have also made the decision to not run rail traffic under the bridge and is currently working up a “bus bridge” strategy to route riders around the scene.

City crews are working out details to commence operations to shore up under the compromised section of the bridge to relieve stresses. Hopefully that can be completed Monday. The Communications Department is working to complete a news release and will work to coordinate public outreach with both their State and LRT counterparts. Minneapolis PW-Traffic & Parking Services division staff will also be involved with Traffic Management.

There have been no injuries to the public or private property. At this time it is unknown whether this will have only a short, or longer term affects to commuters and bridge users…..


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