Event Recap: Cutters Ball III

On Saturday night Peacock Groove played gracious host to the 2012 edition of the Cutters Ball.  Pitching in to provide refreshments and good company were Twin Cities own, Banjo Brothers, O2 Rainwear, Handsome Cycles and Twin Six.

Something about the Peacock Groove space has the right kind of energy for the event.  Outside, a dark alley filled with bikes of all kinds, tiki torches lighting your way.  Inside, the ceiling is covered in half-finished frames, classic bikes, forks, a disco ball and whiskey bottles.  On the floor bikes crafted by Handsome and Peacock.  In the back room, beer and a sneak preview of the bike Noren will be taking to NAHBS.

Walking around inside we managed to see plenty of people, all from different parts of the cycling community.  A few people from Frostbike managed to make their collective way up from Bloomington and seemed to enjoy immersing themselves in what we have to offer.

This event really does showcase the best of the Minneapolis bike scene, the people.

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