Same Mission, New Name; Sibley Bike Depot


Sibley Bike Depot is changing their name and has some more exciting news going.  Head to the website to see more about this, check out job postings and to read up on their other exciting work.

“We’ve got a new name that better reflects the work we do with bikes in the Twin Cities! The name Sibley Bike Depot was created based on the organization’s previous location on Sibley Street in downtown St. Paul, where we were located from the organization’s founding in 2001 until moving to University Avenue in March, 2008. Since moving to our current location, our name’s descriptive nature has not only led to confusion regarding our physical location, but it has unintentionally affiliated the organization with the implicit local history surrounding Henry Hastings Sibley. Though it is commonly known that Henry Sibley was Minnesota’s first elected governor, awareness of his genocidal practices and gross mistreatment of native peoples is a lesser known truth. We have found that some of our community members, including staff and Board members, are uncomfortable with the oppressive nature that is deeply embodied in the name “Sibley,” and therefore it is not a name that we want representing us and the work we do in the community.

With a goal of finding a new name that more accurately represents the organization’s mission, vision, and values, the organization released a request for new name suggestions last August. A Name Change Committee, consisting of Board, staff, and volunteers, received and considered more than 100 different suggestions, from which the name Cycles for Change was chosen. We believe this name more closely embodies the organization’s continuing vision for utilizing the bicycle as a tool for community building, sustainability, leadership development, and progressive social change.

We understand that this change will take some time to get used to. Please help spread the word by telling your family, friends and colleagues about the name change!”

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One Response to Same Mission, New Name; Sibley Bike Depot

  1. What an important step and great new name. BikeMN looks forward to partnering with Cycles for Change to make it possible for more people to bicycle more often.

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