Event Recap: Twin Cities Bike Swap

The 2012 edition of the Twin Cities Bike Swap was as entertaining as ever.

For us, the swap is as much about seeing people that we know and catching up on the winter as it is about getting new parts.  Sure, we walked out of the exhibition hall with pockets full of parts, but more than that we have a new enthusiasm for the upcoming year in cycling.

With most of our event recaps we are able to bring you a picture gallery of some of the great moments from the day, but with the bike swap it is difficult.  The majority of our day is spent looking down at tables and parts, or talking with friends.  Admittedly, the pictures that we managed to get were crap, so instead, here is a list of the most interesting things we overheard at the swap, all of the following are direct quotes made by people during the swap meet:

– Oh, that’s worth well over $200 online.

– This wheel set was good enough to take last place at the state championships, in several events!

– Free banana with purchase of pedals. (Announced via megaphone)

– Hey, is that banana deal still going?

– You can trust him, just look at that face!

– Why would I want to buy that piece of crap?

– Now that I have this carbon frame I can drop your ass.

– How much do I owe you for this section of cable housing?  How about a high-five?

– Eh, it will fit after I drop this winter weight.


Did you overhear anything great at the swap meet?

What about a great deal, pick anything up?  If you are looking for some more pictures of the swap head over to their Flickr page or check out Bike Jerks.

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