Weekend Cycling Events: 2.10.12

Weekend Cycling Events

Every cyclist has their own signal that spring is on the way.  For some it is the first warm day, for others it’s the Minnesota Ironman.  For us, it is the Swap meet.  Parts, people, bike, looking at stuff we can’t afford, buying stuff we shouldn’t it’s the best!  But it isn’t the only thing going on this weekend. Hope to see you out there!

Readers if you know of something happening that you don’t see listed here, put it into the comments section for everyone to see.


“Winter” Wonder Walk/Ride: It was originally planned to be a biking, skiing, walking event, but thanks to this “winter” the activities have changed a little bit.  Any way that you slice it, this seems like a great event and proceeds go the Midtown Greenway Coalition.  It goes from 12-2 and you need to check in between 11:30 and noon at the Sheraton (right off the Greenway entrance).  Here’s a list of what’s going on;

The Coaster Brake Catastrophe:  Got a bike with a coaster brake that just isn’t seeing enough use?  Well, this is the event for you.  Show up to One on One Bicycle Studio (117 N Washington) by 11:30 and be ready for just about anything. There will be 3 or 4 “race” formats according to the flyer.


Twin Cities Bike Swap:  Yep, it’s finally here.  9-2 at the Velodrome in Blaine, $5 to get in, this is where it’s at.  Here are some tips for a successful swap meet.


If you are headed to any of these events and want to give CTC a re-cap, that would be great, just contact us.

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