Pleasant Street KOM

So this is exciting.  Our friends over at MPLS Musette have quite the event planned for April 15th.  The picture that you see above is Pleasant Street in Saint Paul and it is one heck of a hill.  In April this hill will be home to a match sprint between a total of 36 racers, going four at a time until only one remains as the King of the Mountain.

Now this was so popular that in the space of a week, all 36 spots have filled up, so unfortunately if you were looking to compete for the trophy you are out of luck.  But that doesn’t mean that you can’t participate.  We really hope that this can turn into a community event, look at that hill, plenty of places for people to pack the slopes and yell at the competitors as they go, you know something like this:

Afterward the racing is over they whole group is heading over to Omnium Bike and catch the Amstel Gold Race which starts right around then.  Mr. Waffle Truck will also be on hand (The Bikery) to provide tasty goodies at the shop.

Well, what say you, pack the hill and see some sweet sufferfaces?

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