Girard Ave Greenway Ramp Now Open

On our way to the Stupor Bowl start on Saturday morning, we were met with a nice little surprise.  The Girard ave. ramp onto the Midtown Greenway is now open!

For anyone attempting to get into the heart Uptown can attest, from the Greenway, you have two choices, undershoot it, or overshoot it.  Either way you are battling on pretty busy streets if you want to get anywhere in the Hennepin ave. area including Calhoun Square.

The Girard ave entrance to the Greenway changes that and pretty much gives riders and entrance and exit right behind the Old Chicago with the ability to go north or south as needed. The additional entrance comes right at the foot of yet more condos built in Uptown as well as directly next to the new parking garage and office space that we told you about last year.

In this instance the benefits of the new ramp far outweigh the grumblings that we might have about the new parking ramps, as it makes Uptown more accessible for those looking to get there.  We know, we know, Northeast is the new Uptown, but there are plenty of people still looking to access the amenities that Uptown has to offer.  Also, you are let out right next to the transit station and Bike Fixtation.

Readers, have you had the chance to use the new ramp?  If so what do you think?

Here is a wobbly little video that we shot while using the ramp, as well as some more pictures that we snapped.

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2 Responses to Girard Ave Greenway Ramp Now Open

  1. Reuben says:

    I like it all except for that terrible wayfinding sign, which I expect was installed by the developer, not the City. Hopefully the City yanks that out and installs something more substantial.

  2. Alex says:

    I’d think sending the ramp down to the Fremont side would have been better. The old bridges had a bit wider abutments and wouldn’t have made for such a blind corner.

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