Stupor Bowl XV Recap

2012 Stuper Bowl Start (Click to view large version)

Stupor Bowl XV is in the books, and from the epic start to the beautiful weather, this was once again, a perfect showcase for the city of Minneapolis cycling scene.

Trying to be a spectator for the Stupor Bowl is a challenging thing.  You would think that with hundreds of cyclists racing from one stop to the next in the city, you could easily find stops and riders, but that is not so.  We took some of the lessons that we learned last year (staying up on Twitter and making it for the start) and managed for the most part, to see some interesting stops and meet some great people.

As usual the pre-registration ruckus took place at One on One Bike Shop in downtown Minneapolis.  There you see a multitude of bike, and riders catching up with each other and getting ready to ride through the city.  The original roll-out was planned for 1:00, but at that point the registration line was still a mile long so that provided extra time, for some pre-stupor, stuporing, route planning, and fun.

The original roll-out was not without a little bit of error as the majority of the group managed to roll to the wrong spot, that is the problem with starting somewhere with no address.  Standing above the fray at the start line provided a great view of hundreds of cyclists (see above) on a picture perfect day.  The start required riders to ride straight uphill to get out of riverside and up to the city, and off to the race.

Stops on the first manifest were scattered throughout, mainly the southside of town, sending riders, downtown, uptown, to a house party, and deep into the southside.  On the ride from the furthest south stop, we happened upon a rider, walking his bike, he had a flat and was left without a tube or a pump, so we offered up our spare.  After watching him swap out his tube we sucked his tailwind all the way to what many thought was the finish, The Nomad World Pub.  Rides showing up there were met with an unfortunate surprise, instead of the finish, they handed in their first manifest, and ran across the street to Palmers for their second.

The second manifest sent riders streaming through downtown and onto stops on the north and northeast side.  This also did much to fracture the race and allowed Andy Lambert to take the overall win for the men’s race.

Video and picture gallery to follow soon….

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