Clock is Ticking, Register Today!

Today is the last day of January, which means that time is running out on a lot of things.  Here is a list of cycling events that you might want to register for today, or come tomorrow you’re out (or at least paying significantly more).

Almanzo 100 or Royal 162. There really isn’t much else that we can say about this glorious event.  But if that postcard isn’t postmarked today, you won’t be riding this year.

Twin Cities Bike Swap.  Oh boy do we love the bike swap.  The only bad thing is that it comes but once a year.  If you want a table, register today, or the price goes up to $50.

City of Lakes Loppet Ice Race.  Thanks to the super warm weather the whole lot of Loppet events have been moved to Theo Wirth Park, that means a new venue for the ice race, the pond on Twin Lakes Trail/ Par-3 Area.  If you plan on racing today is the last day to register.

Ok, so these last two you still have a little bit of time to do, but it is worth mentioning;

Minnesota Ironman Bicycle Ride.  The sufferfest is back for the 46th year.  Hopefully the fact that it is five days later (May 6th) means that the horrible, freezing weather of last year will be gone, but don’t count on it.  Either way, it is the right way to kick-off your 2012 riding season.  Registration stays cheap and “early bird” until February 15, so don’t think about it too much longer.

Stupor Bowl XV.   Yep, it’s that time of year again.  You don’t have to pre-register now, but you might want to start mentally preparing for one of the longest running alleycat races in the world.  This Saturday, One on One.

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