Event Recap: Winter Bike Pub Crawl

The 2012 edition of the Winter Bike Pub Crawl is in the books, and as in previous years, good times were had by all.  This year featured what has now become the traditional starting spot (back room at the Bulldog N.E.) and then crisscrossed Minneapolis utilizing many of the city’s wonderful bike lanes and trails.

After brunch concluded at the Bulldog, the rather sizable crew (around 30) headed to Uptown to the new Lyndale Ave location of Muddy Waters.  Formerly a coffee shop, the stop at Muddy Waters was an elbow to elbow affair, trying to squeeze the riders into an already jam-packed space.  This caused many to head outside to the patio, figuring, hey we’re already in winter gear, why not.  The patio did lead to some extra rowdiness, which is to be expected, including a one-man game of bat spin/beer drink (see pictures).

The next stop was the Republic in the 7 corners area of town and although there was the draw of a raffle, the crowd began to thin out at this point.  The final stop on this year’s edition was Grumpy’s Nordeast, allowing those that we left, to come full circle through the city.

The best part of the Winter Bike Pub Crawl has to be the diversity of riders who come out for the event.  We saw roadies, mountain bikers, fixed gears, fat tires, randoneer bikes, and of course a Bakfiets with an air horn as loud as a Model T Ford.  Thanks again to those that showed up along with the organizers and the bars that participated, we look forward to seeing you all again next year!


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