Twin Cities Cycling News From Around the Web

Woah, turn you back for a second and all of a sudden there is an avalanche of Twin Cities cycling news.  Since we can’t write about everything, here is a list of what we have been checking out in the last week:

Bike Thieves: Well, you just have to love this story.  Someone broke into Erik’s bike shop in Maple Grove on January 16th and happened to make off with four Specialized Tarmac’s.  Then a few hours later two 18-year-old cousins were seen pulling four bikes out of a church dumpster across the street from Erik’s.  Hmmm, I guess they could say that they just found them in the trash.

Minnesota Daily interviews Shaun Murphy: Remember that big brouhaha about the city of Minneapolis spending the money to hire a bicycle and pedestrian coordinator?  Well, it happened in December and they hired none other than Shaun Murphy (who was pretty much already doing this job).  The Minnesota Daily went out and about with Shaun to see what he really does, great story.

Bike Swap is coming!! Man, oh man this might be our favorite event of the year, that doesn’t require our butt on a bicycle seat.  People, bikes and bike parts galore, all under one roof at the National Sport Center in Blaine.  It all goes down February 12th, but if you are looking for a table, the price goes up, February 1st.  This won’t be the last you hear about this from us.  Bike Swap!

Plowing news:  Ever wonder how the Greenway gets plowed after a snowfall?  So did we until we read this story over at the Minneapolis Bike Coalition website.

Keep riding through winter: Jay Walljasper, you have probably seen his name around the web.  He manages to write more blog postings about the Minneapolis Cycling scene than anyone else, this time he dispenses some tips on how to continue riding through the winter.

Bicycle Dreams: If we are going to watch a movie, chances are it is going to have something to do with cycling,  The Race Across America is for certifiably crazy cyclists, this is a movie about them.  It is coming to the Riverview Theater on February 9th, and all proceeds will benefit the Bicycle Alliance of Minnesota.  Sounds like a win-win to us.

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