Weekend Event Recap: Minnetonka Ice Race

Now that we are firmly into the month of January it seems that Winter has finally decided to show up, and riders could feel it on Saturday morning on Lake Minnetonka.  Certain things about the 2012 installment of the Lake Minnetonka Ice Race were completely different  from last year (new location, new sponsor), some, were exactly the same (Hollywood dominating wire to wire).

Just in time for the start of the elite race, the wind started whipping across the lake, making the 15 degree temperatures feel just a little bit colder.  Luckily for us spectators, a bonfire and propane heater helped to warm those of us not riding our bikes around in slippery circles.

Bikes with homemade studded tires once again ruled the day and were on the bikes of the top finishers from every category.  Be sure to visit the results page to see a full list of winners.  For those of you who couldn’t make it out here is a photo gallery and a few short clips for your viewing pleasure.  If you think this seems pretty cool and want to see it for yourself (or try racing) get ready for the City of Lakes Loppet Ice Race registration is open until January 31st.

Intermediate race start:

Round and round they go:

Photo Gallery:

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