City of Minneapolis Releases 2011 Bicycling Account

For anyone paying attention in 2011, it was a big year for the City of Minneapolis and cycling initiatives.  A constant string of path and trail openings, events, expansion of Nice Ride, and an increase in ridership are all things to be proud of.  But all of these things cost money, and rightfully so, citizens expect to see results from that money spent.

Back in December, Bike Walk Twin Cities released cycling count data, showing a pretty significant growth in cycling over the last five years, but aside from those of us really watching it closely, and a “lifestyle” article in the Star Tribune, not much was made of these numbers.

That’s where the 2011 City of Minneapolis Bicycling Account [PDF] comes into play.  On Tuesday, Shaun Murphy, the City’s Bike and Pedestrian Coordinator, presented “The Account” to the Minneapolis City Council, and managed to put all of the great things that the City accomplished for Cyclists in 2011 into one easy to read package.  Based on the reaction in the last two days, the account had its intended effect, dominating a 24 hour news cycling for all to read and hear.  Check out some of the stories here:

For selfish reasons, we are most excited about the report because of the back cover.  Yep, that was the Cycle Twin Cities Bike Picture of the Day from November 3, 2011, submitted by Luke Francl, he even made it into the credits on Page 4.  Nice work Luke!

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