Twin Cities Cycling News Round Up

With so many great cycling related website on the web, we barely have the time to read everything, let along post our own little spin on news.  That’s why every once in a while, we let you know about some of the stuff out there that we have found interesting, enjoyable, or otherwise noteworthy.  Check it out, and let us know what you think about these stories.

– Mike Max uses a beater bike to get around Downtown Minneapolis [Video]. 

Illustration: Midtown Greenway. 2011. Cut paper, gouache, colored pencil. By Tiffany Jastromski

– Nice Ride named one of the 10 “sleekest designs” in bike share bikes from around the world.  

– Jeff Frane of All-City Cycles (and Bike Jerks) is interviewed on Bike Rumor.

– Ride Boldly! Looks at a potential bike route on Snelling ave and the pitfalls that might come with that.

– Mother Earth News sees Minneapolis as a case study for becoming Bike Travel Friendly.

– Star Trib looks at a year-round winter bike commuter.

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