Freewheel Frozen Frolic – Updated

Update: The race for this Saturday has been cancelled because of trail conditions. See the comments from Rob.

So after last winter you finally went and bought yourself a snow bike like the Pugsley or Mukluk, and low and behold the 2011-12 winter is shaping up to be the warmest, least snowy on record, what rotten luck right?

No need to fret, because believe it or not, fat tire bikes are fun whether or not you are riding on top of snow! Freewheel Bike is hosting a series of three races the next three weekends intended to get you on that fat tire bike and out into the cold (however mild that cold might be).

All races will take place at Murphy Hanrehan Park Reserve (an awesome mountain bike facility within the Twin Cities). The first race is this Saturday January 7th, and while there might not be any snow left, the ground will still be frozen enough for racing. If you want to pre-register for the race head on over to Freehweel’s website, otherwise, all the information that you need is right here:

This new winter race series will combine the points of these three Murphy Hanrehan races as well as the elite race of the Lake Minnetonka Ice Race.

The Murphy races will be mass start events that will include the normal Murphy loop plus a half mile roll out for the start. Studded tires are allowed and encouraged when frequent freeze-thaw temps proceed race day.

There will be a Men’s and a Women’s open class race. This means all classes of bikes and all category of racer are in the same race, divided by gender.

By purchasing your entry online you save $5 over day-of registration or you have the option to purchase the entire race series at a savings of 45% off of the regular price. All pre-registered riders will still need to complete the rider waiver before racing. Your completed registration will be waiting for you at the park on race day.

The race is subject to weather and temperature conditions. If conditions are such that the race will cause serious harm to the trail, the event will be cancelled or rescheduled at the discretion of the Murphy Hanrehan Park staff. In the event of cancellation you will have the option of a refund or transferring your fee to a future event.

Registration opens at 10am
Race starts at 11am.

For more details visit
For detailed trail information visit our friends from MORC and find their Trail Info Page

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2 Responses to Freewheel Frozen Frolic – Updated

  1. Rob says:

    Three Rivers Park District has cancelled the race that was scheduled for January 7 and rescheduled it for January 29. Hopefully the snow gods will cooperate and provide for the next races!

    The good folks up at Hillside in Elk River WILL be holding a race this weekend, January 8 which should be a blast! There will be snow on the trail, even if the have to haul it in with a wheelbarrow (rumor has it that they have already done this!)!

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