Twin Cities First Cycling Fatality in 2012

Unfortunately it took less than seven hours for the Twin Cities cycling community to register our first fatality of 2012.  According to the CBS news report the accident occurred in Fridley on East River Road shortly before 7:00 am.

The 46-year-old cyclist died in a head-on collision with a private snow plow who was working to clear the roads from the New Year’s Eve ice and snow storm.

According to the report, the cyclist was riding against traffic and without lights.  The accident is a tragedy for the cyclists’ family and we pass along our condolences.  Unfortunately this incident was caused by a lack of proper education for this cyclists who probably held the often repeated incorrect belief that it is safer if you can see the traffic coming.  It will also serve to re-enforce the opinion that many drivers have of cyclists as scofflaws.

Please remember to follow the rules of the road, and never get caught out without bright attention-getting lights.

Let’s make 2012’s first fatality also its last.  Stay safe.

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2 Responses to Twin Cities First Cycling Fatality in 2012

  1. hokan says:

    Clearly someone was going the wrong way if it was a head-on, but the news reports I’ve seen don’t say who it was.

    Given that breaking news is often wrong and incomplete, I’ll not judge yet what happened.

  2. REV says:

    Reblogged this on "My Feet are Freezing" and commented:
    Check out a sad article from a local Twin Cities blog.

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