Cuyuna Open This Winter

Ask any mountain biker and they will tell you that the Twin Cities metro area is pretty lucky to have as much off-road cycling as close as we do (Theo, Murphy Hanerhan, River Bottoms).  But for those willing to make the trip, Cuyuna Country State Recreation Area is some of the best biking and newest trails in the state.  Check out some video of the trail action.

Good news for those of you who love the winter biking, about 10 miles of trails will be open this winter, assuming the weather cooperates and we actually get snow.  This was posted on MTBR by snowboy76.


Here is some information that was posted on the MORC website:

Hey all. I wanted to pass this info on to you. This is an email from our land manager Steve Webber (2011 MORC Land Manager of the Year).


I would like to give you all a brief update on the trails at the Cuyuna Country SRA.

First, the regular mountain bike trails closed for the season on November 3. We have that information on our website and on the office phone. They will open again next spring to biking. They will be available for snowshoeing when we get enough snow. I have established a small group of folks to help me explore possible winter uses of the summer trails. So we may see some winter activity on those trails in the future but probably not this year.

Secondly, we have developed a winter fat bike trail system in the Sagamore Unit. We have 11 trails with 10 miles of riding. It is a totally different experience than the summer trails. It is a slow meandering trail in the woods following a lot of old mining roads. That should be open in the very near future. The trail can also be used by folks on snow shoes. Hikers and motorized users are not allowed to use the winter fat bike trails. We do plan on grooming it once we get enough snow.

Please call or email with any questions.

Thanks and think snow.



This confirms the same information that we had heard earlier in the year, but until now have been unable to confirm.  Maybe January will bring us snow.

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One Response to Cuyuna Open This Winter

  1. Rob says:

    This was just added to a MORC forum from a rider in the area –

    “The gates are open if anyone wants to come up and ride –I just got word from the land manager. It’s a quiet opening as the trail is set up to be a groomed snow trail. It’s a very different feel from the rest of Cuyuna and is NOT singletrack, but I think very fun nonetheless. I believe there will be a more official opening once there is snow. It’s in the Sagamore unit just off highway 210 by Riverton. The DNR does have some unofficial maps — not sure if those are available online or not. ”

    This is pretty awesome!

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