Twin Cities: 5 Years, 52% Increase in Cycling

The numbers from the 2011 bike counts are in, and they look good!  The title of the article delivers the big news, but in addition it is worth noting that there was a 22% increase just between 2010 and 2011.  These figures and the report come from Bike Walk Twin Cities and are based on a 42 location count, used to measure year over year growth. If you are interested in seeing the entire count chart location by location, it can be found here (warning .pdf link).

Bottom line?  Both sides of the river have seen an increase in cyclists (and pedestrians) on a year by year basis and during the last five years.  The hope is that people will see these numbers and realize that spending on infrastructure does help to increase cycling commuters.  It’s hard to remember but in 2007 at the time of the first cycling counts, the Sabo Bridge wasn’t even completed, now, it’s hard to imagine the Minneapolis infrastructure without it.

The counts are done on weekdays from 4-6 pm so while we can’t say this unequivocally, it is easy to extrapolate that this increase in cycling constitutes an increase in bike commuters (as most people can get home, get changed and get back out to ride recreationally by 6pm).

Here is the official press release(.pdf) from Bike Walk Twin Cities if you want more information.  Way to go Twin Cities!

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