Event Recap: Deep Custom – An Ode to Noren

There are any number of words that you can use to describe Erik Noren; brash, creative, hard-working, genius. But to convey who Erik Noren is in a tidy 8 minutes? Now that is a challenge.

We spent last night at the Jungle Theater watching the first screening of “Deep Custom” a film about Noren, the owner and sole frame builder behind Twin Cities’ based Peacock Groove.

For years Noren has been known around the Twin Cities as someone who make bikes with flair and creativity.  His profile has grown around the country through events such as the North American Handmade Bike Show (NAHBS) where he displays unique designs such as the Old Style Bike.

Filmmakers T.C. Worley (Photographer) and Tony Franklin (Art Director) decided to take on the challenge of capturing Noren and to do it shot over 100 hours of footage to get the fast-paced 8 minutes that is “Deep Custom” (read more about the creation of this film over at ARTCRANK).

The film was premiered at the Jungle Theater and if ever an event needed auxiliary bike parking, this was it. Even with the ample infrastructure of the Lyn-Lake area we had to park our bike almost a block and a half away as every light post, bench, parking meter and tree had a stack of bikes locked to it.

The lobby of the Jungle was packed wall to wall with stacked up Peacock Groove bikes, a healthy line for beer, and young and old cyclists from the Twin Cities mingling in small groups.  With multiple showings of the film, no one was in a hurry and we were able to have many lingering conversations with the folks we know.

When it came time for to watch the film we filed into the theater and grabbed a seat on one of their crushed velvet high-backed chairs.  It was a surprise to look around the theater and see the variety of people there either to support Noren, or to see what all of the fuss was about.  Instead of just being a collection of hipsters, it was bike enthusiasts, bike shop owners, and kids big and small.  At 7:30 the lights went down and very healthy looking Andy Thieman (of One Rock Rally) took the stage to introduce the creators and the film.

Image Via Facebook

Watching the short film was a lot like being with Erik in person, a stream of consciousness going in a hundred different directions all at once before coming back together to make a singular point. Among the topics covered during the 8 minutes; his philosophy on bike design, sources of inspiration (like seeing a truck on the street) Japanese Anime, and of course, his similarities with Liberace.

The cozy auditorium of the Jungle Theater was the perfect venue to both show and watch this film, which ultimately came off much as Noren’s work does, as a labor of love.

After the 7:30 showing the crowd demanded a speech from Noren and after thanking the two filmmakers, his father, and fellow frame builder Vincent Dominguez the outspoken Noren was at a rare loss for words.


Here it is the whole enchilada:

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3 Responses to Event Recap: Deep Custom – An Ode to Noren

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  2. Lowrah says:

    Sweet write-up of the event. They made such a flattering film of our own Liberace! I really enjoyed it, I hope to see it in the Bicycle Film Festival next year!!

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